Jemila Bulama Sets Her Sights On Becoming Top Designer

Jemila Bulama Sets Her Sights On Becoming Top Designer-SurgeZirc ng
Jemila Bulama/Photo file: Instagram

Nigerian model, Jemila Bulama has revealed that she is currently developing her own clothing brand, known as JEMILA BULAMA and she aims on becoming a top designer, who would make proudly made –in-Nigeria wears of the utmost global quality.

The upcoming fashion designer, who hails from Bazza town in Mitchika Local Government Area of Adamawa State, said she was into “the production and sales of ready to wear essentials for men, women, children and proudly made in Nigeria essential wears and accessories, that can compete with the best across the world.”

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Speaking in an online interview with reporters, Jemila Bulama, whose identical twin sister, Binta, who is also a model, stated that she has found bliss and fulfillment from modeling and designing clothes. “It has been very challenging, but the kind of modeling I do gives me the opportunity to showcase my creativity and exhibit my talent,” she said.

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The talented model said she finds serenity from knowing that she is part of the success story of her clients, adding that the shift she puts into modeling has been satisfying financially. “It can only get better. God is faithful. Material rewards will surely come. I am diligently paying my dues and success is a sure thing with the help of God,” added Jemila.

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