X Adjusts Payment Policy To Benefit Creators

In a move to further support creators, Musk announced a change in X's payment policy. Previously, X was keeping nothing for the first 12 months, then 10%.

X Adjusts Payment Policy To Benefit Creators - SurgeZirc NG
X Adjusts Payment Policy To Benefit Creators

Elon Musk, the CEO of social media giant X and SpaceX, is urging X users to support content creators by subscribing to their pages.

Musk stated that if users can afford it, they should subscribe to as many creators as they find interesting on the platform.

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He emphasized that many content creators on X come from challenging circumstances and that a few hundred dollars a month can significantly change their lives.

In a move to further support creators, Musk announced a change in X’s payment policy. Previously, X was keeping nothing for the first 12 months, then 10%.

Now, X will keep nothing forever until a creator’s payout exceeds $100,000, after which X will retain 10%. The first 12 months will remain free for all creators.

Additionally, Musk plans to speak with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, to explore the possibility of adjusting the 30% fee that Apple takes, ensuring that creators receive a higher percentage of their earnings.

Subscribing to a creator grants subscribers exclusive access to the creator, including sunscribers-only Spaces that allows people to connect with their favorite creators on a more personal level.

Following the announcement which Musk made on Thursday via his page on the social platform, many X Users appeared in the comment section to share their opinions.

While many applauded the move, some persons expressed their displeasure over the logo change.

One user, @RoarWeb3, even went on to share an impressive logo design he made for the app. In his caption, he wrote: “Support the creators by bringing our bird back”.

To subscribe to creators on X (previously known as Twitter), follow these steps:

1. Open the X app or website: Make sure you have the latest version of the X app on your smartphone or access X through a web browser on your computer.

2. Search for the Creator: Use the search bar on X to find the specific content creator you wish to subscribe to. You can search for their username or handle to locate their profile.

3. Go to the Creator’s Profile: Once you find the creator’s profile, click on their username or profile picture to access their profile page.

4. Click on the Subscribe Button: On the creator’s profile, you will find a “Subscribe” button or a similar option (depending on the platform’s layout). Click on this button to subscribe to their content.

5. Choose Subscription Plan: Some creators may offer different subscription tiers with varying levels of content access or benefits. Select the subscription plan that suits your preferences and budget.

6. Set Up Payment: If the creator’s subscription requires payment, you will be prompted to set up your payment method. Follow the instructions to enter your payment details securely.

7. Confirm Subscription: Once you’ve completed the payment process, you should receive a confirmation message that you are now subscribed to the creator.

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8. Access Exclusive Content: As a subscriber, you will gain access to exclusive content or benefits provided by the creator, depending on the subscription plan you chose.

Remember to manage your subscriptions from time to time, as you may want to adjust or cancel them based on your interests and preferences.

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