A Talk With Lucy Edet About The Misconception, Reception From Fans

A Talk With Lucy Edet About The Misconception, Reception From Fans-SurgeZirc NG
The Star Lucy Edet/ Photo File: Instagram

Despite exiting the show the past Sunday the star Lucy Edet stands her ground to say at this moment she’s having her best days. Her personality being high-spirited is what impresses people.

She’s all fun and is all about the virtue a reality TV consists of. Sadly, viewers only saw the amazing Lucy on some Saturday nights.

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Being fresh in the star world, the viewers precisely missed the different personalities. Lucy opens up, “I have a very strong personality” explaining the differences she had with her housemates.

Emphasizing on the misconception she believes that a third party may have been involved. Lucy managed to be in the show for 7 weeks even with being surrounded by negativity that was lured in the house.

Things have not been going well for the rising star and with all the hate she’s receiving she thinks of the time spent for the auditions and being frustrated not being aware of what’s to happen despite all that she chooses to focus on the love.

As much as the housemates preferred entanglements this season to get the prize it was never so for Lucy for she didn’t experience such while in the show.

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The star from Akwa Ibom uncovered that her independence for long may have contributed to her failing to find love. Although Lucy admits that she was attracted to Praise, and he was the only one who caught her attention, it wasn’t something serious.

The futures surely have great in store for Lucy, and she’s aboutto have the most out of it.

Article Written By: Boitumelo Mokgotho

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