Nollywood Actress Bukunmi Oluwasina Wants To Give Out Scholarships To 100 People

The popular Nollywood actress Bukunmi Oluwasina wants to give out Scholarship to 100 people, the musician shared on her Instagram.

Nollywood Actress Bukunmi Oluwasina Wants To Give Out Scholarships To 100 People
Bukunmi Oluwasina/ Photo File: Instagram

The popular Nollywood actress Bukunmi Oluwasina wants to give out Scholarships to 100 people, the musician shared on her Instagram.

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The fast rising Nigerian actress Bukunmi Oluwasina is also a producer, singer, playwright and model. She was born in early 90’s into a family of 7 with her being the third child. She is a native of Ekiti state(Oke-Imesi). Bukunmi Oluwasina’s age hasn’t been revealed. The actress graduated from the Obafemi Awolowo University where she studied Theatre Arts.

The Nollywood actress Bukunmi recently got married to her lover she’s been with for 11 years a few days ago. Bukunmi, who kept the news of her wedding under wraps till it was concluded, shared a video of her in her wedding dress with her husband. In the caption that accompanied the wedding video, the actress recounts how far she and her husband have come in their relationship to eventually walking down the aisle.

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LOVE IS PATIENCE, FORGIVENESS, NEVER GIVING UP, And above all, it’s not just about buying a woman all the luxuries in the world, but about making her happier and more relaxed than a woman who has all the luxuries in the world. I remember 2010, when we were leaving.. And I told u to give me something to hold, to always remind me of you. Then u gave me your wine wristband. I told you I would keep it forever and maybe wear it on our wedding day. You laughed and said… “That’s if we don’t end up breaking up when we enter UNIVERSITY, and you start meeting better guys” It’s 11 years now, and I have met a lot of men like you said…but haven’t, and will never stop choosing you over EVERYONE. I remember when I told you I was going to study Theatre Art🤣 you never liked it🤦‍♀️. But you know how much I love it… till you came to like it too, just to see me happy. I don’t even see the need to call people for screenplays, cos your contributions to my story constructions always help me get the perfect stories for most of my movies that earned me Awards. Thank U for always supporting and standing by me, And watch me grow even when nobody knew me, till now. I still wonder how a day never passed that you wouldn’t call me 📲 for the past 11 years. Even if you just saw me 2hour ago, Even when we fight, you would still call..” Have U eaten? Where are U?”. You know how you make me feel sometimes??, Like THE ONLY GIRL IN THE WORLD. Just like your name, You are a Gift to me❤️. My dad once said, “The day we learn how to fix a thing when it’s broken, instead of throwing it away and buying another, is the day we would learn the secret of an unending happy marriage” Thank you for the endlessly holding on. And I want you to know that whenever I tell you “I love you too”, I hope you know what I mean? I MEAN I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ALL the fights we would still have, All the things people would still say, All the mistakes we would still make, All the sidechicks that may still cross our lane, Both in good and bad days… I love you whichever way❤️.And FOREVER ISN’T EVEN LONG ENOUGH 4ME TO SHOW YOU HOW LONG I WANT TO LOVE YOU. ..MY TREASURE.. MY BEST FRIEND.👩‍❤️‍👨 Cheers to FOREVER🥂💍❤

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On the 22 September 2020 the popular actress Bukunmi shared to her official Instagram page and posted she would be giving out scholarships to 100 people. See post below:

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(READ CAREFULLY) @bukunmioluwasina_foundation Will be giving out SCHOLARSHIP to 100 People to study and train under @360_filmacademy . Meaning I will be paying the TUTION FEE.(School Fees),(55k) Each for 100 PEOPLE. All you have to do is fill the Scholarship form’s questioner online via Most of the questions are to clarify your Readiness and also know what aspect of the Theatre you would like to major in at the long run… Either Acting, Cinematography, Script Writing, Makeup, Directing…Etc. If you are lucky to be among the 100, The only thing you would need to pay for is the school’s Registration fee. Which is just 5k. That’s all. The first phrase which is the THEORETICAL aspect of your classes will be online. After you must have passed some of their Tests and Exams during the learning process, Then you would graduate to the PRACTICAL aspects, which involves (Camping). Meaning you will have to be present for Proper training and practicals about movie making and the rest. This will also open you to the opportunity to be featured in a lot of movies in the process and to work with a lot of well known Actors and theatre practitioners. Who won’t only be there to work with you but also lecture and also shoot some of your movies with you which includes short films, feature length movies and series. If you perform well enough , it would automatically lead to your constant features in subsequent movies. YOU COULD BE THE NEXT BIG THING. And of course, your final stage would be your GRADUATION and Having your own CERTIFICATE and lot more… For more inquiries and how to register, call the number on the Artwork or send them a Dm. Good luck to the 100🥂🙏🏼❤️ @360_filmacademy #bofscholarship2020 #360filmacademy #360tv #onlinefilmschool #Camping. TheaterArt

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Immediately Bukunmi shared the post, many people replied to the post via the comment section. Some were wishing her success and good luck in all she wants to do while others praised her and thanked her for the given opportunity.

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