APC Senator Tackles El-Rufai During Ministerial Screening 

" I believe the petition against El-Rufai should be considered in his screening process."

APC Senator Tackles El-Rufai During Ministerial Screening -SurgeZirc NG
APC Senator Tackles El-Rufai During Ministerial Screening 

APC Senator Sunday Karimi of Kogi West presented a petition to the Senate against Nasir el-Rufai, former governor of Kaduna state during the Ministerial screening.

During the special session, APC Senator Karimi presented the petition against el-Rufai, who was being considered for a ministerial position by the higher parliamentary house.

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According to the congressman, the petition threatens the country’s security, unity, and cohesiveness.

“Your performance in any office in the country has been outstanding.” “Your record in the bureau of public enterprises (BPE) is there, your record as a minister in the FCT is there, and you did well as a two-time governor of Kaduna state,” the senator remarked.

“However, I have a very strong petition against you that threatens the Nigerian nation’s security, unity, and cohesiveness.”

“And I believe the petition should be considered in this screening process.”

Karimi then presented the petition to Barau Jibrin, the deputy senate president who was overseeing the screening process at the time.

Jibrin said he wasn’t sure if Karimi followed the proper procedure in presenting the petition, but that it will be addressed later.

“I’m not sure if you followed the normal process, but this is the opportunity for nominees to explain and showcase themselves; we will come to confirmation and approval later,” he remarked.

Other senators from the APC praised el-Rufai, saying the former governor is qualified to be a minister.

Ibrahim Kalid, who represents Kaduna North, said he, his two colleagues from the state, and all people support el-Rufai’s candidature as minister.

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“The resolve of the three senators from Kaduna state, after consultation with people across political divides, is that we should support the nomination,” he stated.

Kalid advised his colleagues not to interrogate el-Rufai further because he had the necessary experience to be a minister, adding that the former FCT minister should be allowed to “take a bow and go.”

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