Borno Government Suspends Lockdown Indefinitely

“Government, traditional rulers, religious leaders, community leaders and opinion leaders should enforce social distancing, especially in public gatherings/worship places.

Professor Babagana Zulum/Photo Credits: Screengrabs

The Borno State Government has suspended the lockdown order given earlier last month in the state to prevent and curb the spread of global pandemic Covid- 19.

During a live broadcast on 13th of May 2020, the State Governor, Professor Babagana Zulum thanked the general public for their immense cooperation during this troubled period.

Governor Zulum said there had been significant progress in the fight against Covid-19 over the three weeks, that the stringent measures have yielded the desired result.

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He stated that the committee wishes to appreciate the immense support and cooperation it has enjoined from the public.

He said: “the lockdown being suspended indefinitely is to study the situation for the time being, however where the situation escalate government should revert to status quo.”

Governor Zulum said the use of a face mask in public places was compulsory.

“Government, traditional rulers, religious leaders, community leaders and opinion leaders should enforce social distancing, especially in public gatherings/worship places. There should be a restriction on public gatherings, especially funeral processions/rights, weddings, naming ceremonies etc. to not more than 20 people,” the Governor stated.

He Re-emphasised that all medical consultations by Pharmacies and patients medicine stores that are related to Covid-19 or similar ailment should be referred to a government hospital as defaulters of this directive would be prosecuted.

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“On no account government hospitals should reject any patient whether because of COVID-19 or other ailments.

“Government should study the federal government’s agreement with health unions with a view to implementing it at the state level.”

According to Governor Zulum, “Henceforth Jumma’at prayers and five daily prayers shall be observed in all mosques as recommended by the Borno State Council of Ulamas in strict adherence with social distancing and the use of facemask.

“All Churches shall conduct church services as recommended by the Christian Association of Nigeria Bormo Chapter in strict adherence with social distancing and use of facemasks.

He said the ban on the sales and consumption of liquor and other intoxicating substances was still enforced and that defaulters would be dealt with severely in accordance with the liquor law.

All vehicles, including tricycles, must ensure the use of face mask as defaulters will be arrested and prosecuted accordingly.

Appropriate measures are put in place to enforce restrictions at all entry and exit points across the state.

“All drivers of exempted vehicles bringing in essential goods into Maiduguri will be subjected to Covid-19 test at the point of entry into the state.

“The Covid-19 Pandemic Response Committee will Continue to monitor the situation as they unfold and appropriate action will be taken accordingly,” the Governor sated.

He said Civil Servants of grade level 1-12 should continue to Work from home except directed otherwise.

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