Femi Otedola Opens Up About His Suicide Attempts 

The millionaire continued his speech by describing how he overcame his suicide struggle.

Femi Otedola Opens Up About His Suicide Attempts —SurgeZirc NG
Femi Otedola Opens Up About His Suicide Attempts 

Femi Otedola, a Nigerian billionaire, has confessed that he nearly committed suicide after losing $480 million in the diesel market in 2008.

He discussed his melancholy episode at his business colleague Akin Akinfemiwa’s 50th birthday party in London.

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According to SurgeZirc NG, Femi Otedola highlighted how helpful the celebrant was in helping him get past the depressed phase that struck him after losing the money.

“My relationship with Akin is what I would call destiny prevails,” he says. “In 2005, I had a buddy who worked at Oando, and she told me she had a coworker”. And then she called Akin, and we talked.

He went on to say how Akin came to his help when he couldn’t locate a skilled oil trader.

“In London, I established my training company, Fine Shade Energy. I was seeking for a trader, but I couldn’t find one. I phoned Akin’s supervisor, Dimeji Edwards, Akin picked up the phone to come see me, the businessman said, shortly after offering him a job”.

“Now, when I say destiny triumphs, the business fails. I established a vast empire. I had 93% diesel at my disposal”.  ‘I was a little too fun, and the business crashed,’ he continued.

At this point, Femi Otedola began to have suicidal thoughts. He then explained how he changed his mind.

“At the time, my only option was to commit suicide.” “Then, of course, I remembered Nana and the kids. And I said no, I’m not going to commit suicide”, he explained.

The millionaire continued his speech by describing how he overcame his stumbling block. He accomplished this by dismissing himself and appointing Akin as CEO of the London office.

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“I gave him 1% of the company. I later made him CEO of Zenon Oil, and then CEO of African Petroleum”, Otedola explained.

Following this, the father of three remarked that he was impressed by how his new partner turned the firm around.

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