Kemi Olunloyo: “Davido Sexually Harassed Me.. His Mom Died Of Drug Overdose”

"What warrants you to call me "cheap drug user?" and "Werey" in three tweets? Did your mother teach you manners?

Kemi Olunloyo:
Kemi and Davido/Photo File: SurgeZirc Media

Hmmm, the battle between Davido and Nigerian blogger Kemi Olunloyo seems to be getting hotter and hotter. And now it has taken a U-Turn with more truth or claimed truth being revealed whilst insults are being thrown on both sides.

Fans are now confused on what the two are really fighting about as it sounds deeper than we thought. On Sunday, Kemi went on to blow hot air as she revealed that Davido sexually harassed her on October 20th 2018.

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Sexual violence in Nigeria starts with sexual harassment. @davido fans don’t know how he sexually harassed me October 20th 2018. His fans and associates endorse this reckless behavior and it spirals. He has found it hard to say “Sorry”, an easy word that goes a long way,” the blogger wrote.

She said that the Assurance crooner had sexually violet her on the 20th October 2018 and said that his fans weren’t aware of this. She didn’t stop there, she also said that Davido’s mother died of cocaine overdose.

“What warrants you to call me “cheap drug user?” and “Werey” in three tweets? Did your mother teach you manners? No! Vero died of a cocaine overdose. I lived on your street in 1993 and even babysat you occasionally. You told DJ Abass you don’t know me. True,” she added in her series of tweets.

You can actually check out all the things that were said during the fight below:

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Hmmm, did I read that correctly? It sounds like Kemi is saying that the young man raped her, what are your thought Surge readers? Sound off on the comment box!

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