Obi “I Have Passed Far Better Schools Than…” Tinubu, Atiku, Others

"I'm the one person serving today whose wife and children is not involved in anything he is doing, they face their little jobs, earn their little pennies and live their normal life like every other person."

Obi I Have Passed Far Better Schools Than... Tinubu, Atiku, Others - SurgeZirc Nigeria
Obi "I Have Passed Far Better Schools Than..." Tinubu, Atiku, Others.

Peter Obi, one of the front runners of the 2023 presidential election under the Labour Party has stated that he attended better educational institutions than any other candidate in the race for the number seat in Nigeria.

On Thursday, November 3, 2022, during a Zoom session with the global community of OBIdients Support Groups, the former Anambra State Governor argued that his educational exposure cannot be compared to any other candidate in the race.

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He stated that he decided to run for president because he was the most qualified for the position and challenged his opponents to present their credentials for public scrutiny.

Obi also urged voters to evaluate each candidate based on their previous performance record, noting that educational background is equally important for deciding who leads the most populous African nation.

“I’m contesting this election because I’m the most qualified. And I want people to come out and let’s put everything we have on the table. We’re hiring the next managing director of the corporation called Nigeria.

“And the only way you hire a managing director to run your company is to look at his past. Where is he coming from? What is the educational, background? Which schools have they passed through?

In terms of all people contesting this election, whether it’s for one day, I have passed far better schools than anybody. It’s not about the degrees you earn, it’s about the exposure and where you have passed through.

“I have passed through the best schools anybody can think of in the world in terms of education. I’m a businessman, a successful businessman who has worked hard and built my business. I’m a corporate person, I have served as director and chairing corporations.”

While emphasizing the importance of considering candidates’ previous performances before casting their votes, the Labour Party presidential candidate reflected on his time as governor of Anambra state.

He claimed to be Nigeria’s best governor in terms of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) implementation, a model used by countries such as India and China to lift millions out of poverty.

Assuring Nigerians why he should be trusted to fight corruption, Obi disclosed that, unlike other governors who pillaged their states’ treasuries, he was the only governor who left money in his state’s coffers and refused to allow a single piece of land to himself or any member of his family.

“I’ve been a governor, one that when I finished in 2015, I became the best governor in terms of implementing MDG, which is the global measure to measure development which is what China, India, Vietnam, everybody applied to pull their people out of poverty and above all, I’m the only one who left money.

“So, if you say you want to fight corruption, let’s go to where you served last and know how much money you left. Whether there’s anything you left. So that we just know what is missing there.

“I left money, which I could have taken like every other person. I have no single land allocated to myself, my wife or my children or anybody.

“I’m the one person serving today whose wife and children is not involved in anything he is doing, they face their little jobs, earn their little pennies and live their normal life like every other person.

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“Every other person has turned the whole thing into a family affair, but I have not done that. So, I’m applying for this job, knowing fully well that I have the capacity to do the job.”

Obi is currently contending with the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)’s Abubakar Atiku and New Nigerian Peoples Party (NNPP)’s Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso and a few others.

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Wm May
Wm May
1 year ago

Well done – argumentative, informative, acute. I’ll probably add this website to my list of trustworthy websites on top. It’s always good to have a chance to compare some sources of information to get a complete analysis.