Video| See How Hushpuppi & Friends Were Arrested In Dubai

“His statement was taken by prosecution but this is just the beginning of prosecution investigations.”

Hushpuppi/Photo Credits: Screengrabs

Dubai Police has revealed its role in the arrest of an Instagram celebrity and internet fraudster, Raymond Abbas, known as Hushpuppi.

Security officers in the emirate arrested Mr Abbas and 11 others for online fraud that targets companies and individuals.

Clips from the arrest scene were included in a feature story that gave a deeper insight into cyber-crime in the country and the involvement of Hushpuppi and his gang.

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A portion of the clip captured the moment some heavily armed police officers arrived at Hushpuppi’s hotel. From indications, Hushpuppi and his crew completely had no idea of what was ahead of them as the police officers broke into their apartment unannounced.

This was followed by the officers shouting orders once they gained entry and arresting everyone present.

Hushpuppi was spotted donned in a designer outfit with his two hands cuffed to the back. Another individual identified as Woodberry alongside some other unidentified crew members were also seen in handcuffs.

Speaking on the operation, the commander-in-chief of the police in Dubai, Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, was quoted to have said: “The arrest of ‘Hushpuppi’, ‘Woodberry’ & 10 gang members involved in money laundry & cyber fraud activities, is another achievement added to the proud record of Dubai police in ensuring the emirate’s security and safety.“

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“They would send out letters from email addresses almost identical to those of legitimate companies, targeting customers of these companies, with the purpose of diverting payments to themselves,” a senior prosecutor told The National last week.

“Initial information includes that he was part of this gang which fraudulently obtained cash and cars from people.

“His statement was taken by prosecution but this is just the beginning of prosecution investigations.”

He was wanted for fraud crimes in Europe, the United States and Nigeria. According to Nigerian media reports, Abbas was extradited to Pennsylvania this week.

Abbas has more than two million followers on Instagram and is known for his display of wealth on social media.

The Dubai police have warned other Internet fraudster in their country that the long arm of the law will soon catch up with them.

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3 years ago

See your life, how you defrauded 2 million people some don die and you are enoying they must lock this rubbish up and throw the keys away

3 years ago

Hushpuppi has got to the end of the road, but I guess he knows this day will come or was he hoping to be an uncaught criminal for ever. Let him pay the prize.

Yetunde Olanlege
Yetunde Olanlege
3 years ago

I knew, thief and fake lifestyle. I beg take bob riski wit u