Wow! We Didn’t Know Comedian ‘I Go Die’ Was This Rich

Wow! We Didn't Know Comedian 'I Go Die' Was This Rich - SurgeZirc NG
Nigerian comedian I Go Die / Photo credit: Instagram

Until you’re told, you wouldn’t know how rich some of our favorite celebrities are. I Go Die is definitely richer than you thought right now. We too didn’t know until we stumbled on some of the stand-up comedian’s luxury photos on social media.

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I Go Die had recently offered his multi-million naira newly completed home (a castle bro) to the federal government of Nigeria to be used as an isolation center in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, A house he called “Fapoh Royal”.

I Go Die newly completed home donated to the federal government of Nigeria as an isolation center / Photo credit: Instagram

This comes after the comedian offered a similar luxury home, which he referred to as a “Castle” to his son as a birthday gift sometime last year.

I Go Die and son beside their newsly finished home / Photo credit: Instagram

Okay, those happened previously! The comedian on Thursday morning posted a photo of him by the pool-side in his home. I guess I Go Die want y’ll to know it’s no longer business as usual, as the days of dry pocket comedy, so he captured a wider view of his home…see it below.

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He dropped the photo with the following quote: “In life, we all have different fulfilments, to some people, it is money, to others it is the glory of success that keeps them going, but some of us chose to be guided by an endless love for a better society, a place where all shall share the beautiful harvest that nature has given mankind. Amb Francis,”

That’s a luxury life baba!

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